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Dr. Marla Greene provides exceptional avian care for your feathered friends. Call:

Depend on our knowledgeable team for your bird's care

It's important to keep your bird healthy with routine exams

Your bird's anatomy is delicate and differs from other animals

Sometimes, finding great avian care for your bird is hard. At Buena Vista Pet Clinic, you'll never have a problem finding quality medical care for your bird. Our staff will make a point to bond with you and your pet as to establish a trusting and long-term relationship.

At Buena Vista Pet Clinic, we recommend new bird and annual health examinations. These visits give us the opportunity to examine your bird fully, undertake any minor procedures (nail, beak and wing trimming) and discuss important aspects of husbandry, nutrition, behavior, and disease prevention.


If you are a new bird owner, it is likely that you have many questions about what to look out for in an avian veterinarian. We are capable of providing clear answers to all your questions.


A bird's anatomy and physiology are quite different from other pets. They require specialized care administered by a qualified veterinarian. We have full diagnostic and treatment capacities for our feathered friends. We're comfortable and confident in handling your pet bird.


Different types of birds react differently to certain medical procedures. We're knowledgeable about specific treatments that work for your particular species of bird.